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why is it that we do the poses? to reach a higher state of consciousness. We take the vinyasa to occupy the mind and build strength. The whole practice lifts us and also grounds us, back into our natural state of joy, of love.

tomorrow I am starting the master cleanse. 

i want to jump start my healthy eating habits and essentially press the restart button; i got pretty loose with my diet while at university. 

have any of you tried the master cleanse?


these look amazing omg

made it to my first goal weight of 125.

i’m currently weighing at 123.5, which means i am at the weight i was when i left for university.

it also means that i am 3.5lbs away from my second goal weight of 120. 

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looks so good!!! might make them next week

I decided that if i keep up the good work for 4 weeks, i will splurge and by myself new running kicks!

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